Monday, 13 July 2009

scary, french cats, TYPICAL!!!

Toulouse is our family cat and he is very french. i will tell you the story of his name when we bought him me and my mum couldn't decide what to call him we both had a different name for him. i quite liked Tiger lily but my mum liked Tallulah, yes i know there both girl names and Toulouse is a boys, well we pulled a name out of the hat and out came Tallulah, and so that's what we called HIM. a few weeks after we got him my mum realised he was a BOY so we didn't want to confuse him so we thought of the nearest boy name to Tallulah, Toulouse! Toulouse is always sleeping in our washing basket and he doesn't really like cat food he only likes human food, typically .anyway i could go on about him for ages so i'll stop now.

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